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Georgian Benta has been passionate about the human mind and heart for more than 15 years, investing in books, coaching and courses to further learn and grow.

His company brought and promoted the concept of Emotional Intelligence in his home country and after discovering the power of gratitude he has interviewed more than 200 successful people on The Gratitude Podcast. 

Now, he’s gathered all the knowledge and personal experience about Abundance & Gratitude in one place, in this 7 week course.

Gratitude has been proved to bring abundance in the lives of so many people and it can do that for you too

More than ever before, we need to learn how to use this power of gratitude to experience more abundance for ourselves but also for our loved ones.

Here’s your chance to do that.

Watch the free introductory lesson below and join us on a fun, engaging and bountiful journey for a really affordable price: