Christie is a management consultant focused on all things transformational. She specializes in partnering with both private and public sector clients to harness the power of authenticity in organizational change.  She operates well in complex service delivery environments across industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods, and Technology.  Christie has spent her entire 16+ year career working for some of the top consulting firms in the world.Given her vast experience in consulting, Christie enjoys being a frequent sounding board to dozens of mentees and has protégées doing great things all around the world. A boomerang Bostonian, Christie is a passionate coffee drinking futurist while blogging regularly on a number of different websites.She is also author of The MECE Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants, being published in 2017.As a certified project manager and facilitator,  Christie has earned a B.S. in marketing & computer science from Bentley University, an M.S. in organizational leadership at Mercy College, and have recently completed relevant human capital and HR trends coursework from Columbia University.

She is also a reformed perfectionist, recovering workaholic, and political junkie.When Christie is not consulting, writing, mentoring, or public speaking, you can find her reading business books, talking politics, or indulging in an unhealthy, addictive quest for the perfect pair of high heels and pearls.Her story is so inspiring and she’s such a determined person that I’m sure it will rubb off on you, as it did on me. Especially if you feel like your background isn’t helping you in being grateful or successful, she is the proof that it’s within our power to choose both. 

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Actionable tips to be GRATEFUL consistenly

    • Start your day believing a miracle is about to happen

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Podcast transcript

I gratitude seeker welcome to a newepisode of the gratitude podcast todaywith me I have someone that is reallyinteresting and has an interesting storybecause she is the kind of person thatfor which gratitude is so ingrained inin her habits and in her beliefs thatit’s really hard to explain so that willbe an interesting challenge for me andI’m really looking forward to that hername is Christy Linder she is amanagement consultant author blogger andpodcast host focused on all thingstransformational she has spent herentire 16 plus years of her careerworking for some top consulting firms inthe world I will give you a hint theyare part of the big four she blogs aboutall things related to personalprofessional and organizationaltransformation she uses gratitude inevery single part of her life and thanksto it she has achieved most of herchildhood dreams hi Christyso nice to have you here thank you forbeing herethank you thank you for having me I’mreally excited to speak with you todayis there something that I missed or thatyou would like to add no no you’vecovered it I think it’s for me it’salways weird to hear someone talk aboutme it’s just interesting all right allright so it will be a little bit of achallenge for me because people usuallyknow how how they got to be in thissituation to be so grateful and to livewith gratitude and it will beinteresting to find out how you do ithow you do it how you did it andto share with with our audience how theycan do it themselves as well so my firstquestion is what is gratitude mean foryou so you know for me gratitude is away of being I I know I I just sometimesI pinch myself especially where I am nowI pinch myself in terms of how howamazing like everything that a lot ofthings that I’ve wanted in my life hasLea kind of content to be and I really Iowe it to gratitude I owe it to the factthat you know I think it may be becauseI came from very humble beginnings andyou know from where I started to likewhere I am now is it’s still it’s stillit’s still it’s still like wow like Icannot believe you know this is my lifebut it’s something I’ve always been sohappy for and I know like you know Italked about it being a way of being oneof the ways that I know I do of it everymorningum the minute I wake up I always saylike a miracle will happen today I startevery single day and I say to thatand guess what a miracle always hiand it’s not like big miracles right itcould be the little things you know thelittle things like you know I catch thatbus that I was going to you know I wasrunning for or you know I get theparking spot like right right so it’slike these little thing but they add upyou know every day day in day out andthen I see it and I’m like wow it didhappen and in living my life that waythat’s just one example of many but inliving my life that way you knowsometimes people say I’m too optimisticthey think I’m you know – you knowunrealistically happy but I feel likebecause of my background and because ofwhere I am today you know I know I knowwhat my ancestors went through andthey’ve given me you know because I’mhere now they’ve given me theopportunity to to do something impactfuland to be living in this time in thehistory I have to I have aresponsibility to my family andmyself to make the best of my life andit’s only in being you know thankful forwhere I’ve come and thankful for I’mheaded that I can do that totallytotallywe’ve talked a little bit about yourstory before we began and I’m reallycurious if you want to to share yourstory like where did you come from whatwhat’s your background for our listenersto get a better perspective and tounderstand how you got to be so gratefuland where where did you come from so Iam based in the US and I mentioned toyou before that my my parents areimmigrant so I am first generationAmerica I was born in the US I live inBoston Massachusetts and growing up youknow I’m the oldest of eight so my momwon’t we met yeah my mom had beenmarried and um you know so so there’slike there’s like it was I’m the oldestum there’s like you know six other boysand a girland then me uh my sister’s the young andmy sister’s a baby so kind of growing upin that environment being you know beingfrom that that you know kind of thatbackground there’s a lot of things thatpeople don’t understand the dynamics offirst-generation immigrant childrenbecause we live in two worlds you know Igrew up speaking Creole and speakingFrench and you know and I spoke Englishyou know also as well so it was like inour house like my mom would say ourhouse this is not the u.s. in the houseyou know outside of the US but inside soshe really made sure she raised us witha certain type of like ethics and valuesthat the core to her culture and so forme you know kind of Cena and I going toschool and and seeing like things inAmerica it was always fascinating to seethat the two sides so fast forward onething I think that my mom really did wasthat was very helpful for me even if wedidn’t have a lot of money she alwaysput me in different programs like prepprogramsdevelopment programs so that and she waslike that too she was always reading shewas a you know reading constantly likeevery time I if I remember her she wasalways like writing and reading and shewas just a very you know and even if shedidn’t have that back you know she shereally made what she can with her herlife and so I picked up the same type ofhabits and I knew I wanted to by thetime I was in college I know I want togo into consulting I I saw it at aninternship and I was so excited to to beable to get into that space what if youknow when I when I finally started toget into consulting on what I learnedreally quickly is that a lot of thepeople that I work with they came from avery different background you know theywent to you know Ivy League schools theycame from very you know sometimesprominent wealthy families what you knowvery connected and it was just it wasjust a gap you know like it was what Ican do and then there was you know whatthey had and everything and you know forme I felt like wow like I I I was alwayslooking for people to help me like Isaid well you know comes you knowsomebody kind of helped me and I justnever really found that in the beginningof my career and then I decided to youknow I said I’m thankful I’ve made itthis far I have to also continue to pushand so that’s what led me on a journeyto you know seeking mentorship changingyou know might the course of my careerjourney and being able to to pivot tonow where I am today so I know this is along waited story but yeah no problembut I think it’s important and I’mseeing something that’s so it’s yourstory and I’m oh I was also thinkingabout I don’t know if you know aboutGary Vaynerchuk yes yeah he’s like me Ilove him I love him yeah so he is also afourth generation American if I remembercorrectly actually he wasn’t born in inthe US but he he always says that he isso grateful andso grateful all of the time and what wasvery interesting for me to to hear himsay was the fact that he says that he isso productive because he is grateful andhe appreciates the biggest that he’sbeen given the fact that he is in thestates and that he has had all theopportunities that he has had that he’she’s just grateful all the time and heis very happy to be able to do all allof the things that he is doing and Ifind it interesting that it’s similar toyour story like you you’re a firstgeneration American and you appreciateit much more most probably than thanother people might that are I don’t knowthird or fourth generation Americansbecause they they might have gotten yousuited to the American Way of life andeverything right right yeah I know it’swhen you you know when you see bothsides you know and you when you grew upa certain way and then you like you knowgain experiences so like with my job Ipurposefully wanted to go intoconsulting because I wanted to work witha lot of really smart people but I alsowanted to travel the world because Ididn’t travel when I was a kid you knoweven I didn’t travel a lot so I wantedsomething a job that will take me placesand do things and that’s exactly whatwhat I did when you start to open youreyes and see all these things it’spretty remarkable and if you wake upwith a different purpose in the morningyou know you don’t just wake up and it’slike oh it’s gonna be okay you know youwake up on fire like okay what am Igonna do to impact the world today likeI wake up like that because I know youknow now I’m dirty and my my mom is likeI’m my mom has passed away like mygrandmother like a lot of the people atthe elders of my family have to havesince passed so because I’m the oldestin my culture I’m the oldest I am theelder now so could you imagine I meanI’m a you know some people may say wowyou look young but II’m the oldest I’m the eldest and whenyou have that type of responsibility youknow I now have you know 15 nieces andnephews no in addition to my brothersyou know my sister and so when you havethat weight of a responsibility and andlike this is where it like this is whereyou are it’s just I have I take it veryseriously and I’m just so thankful I’mvery thankful yeah and I’m reallycurious if you want to share with uswhere where you’re from actually likewhere is your family family yourancestors from yeah they’re from I’mHaiti I don’t know if you’ve heard ofHaiti it’s a Caribbean island yes hmm ohwell it’s not that far away from thestates right no it’s some itself it’sall me I definitely yeah in the in thein the Caribbean yeah and do do thepeople that have any habits and thingsthat are related to to gratitude I’mreally curious if if there is somethingin the culture that is related togratitude absolutely um you knowwhenever I go to Haiti I I have neverbeen around like you know people arejust so thankful for everything like inour culture like um you knowpredominantly most people are Catholicreligion and so religion plays a bigpart of every you know of most people’slives but I mean you see people I havegratitude for the littlest things like Imean things you don’t think about youknow they you know they’re happy whenthey have you know in Haiti they’rehappy when they have like basicamenities you know basic you know likehousing and water clean water and foodand access to like the internet like andif things we in America you know I thinksometimes sometimes people don’t realizehow much we take for granted some of thebasic types of amenities that are outthere um but when you when you see thatyou know and you know you get a chanceto live that that does something to youknow so like I’ve always you know I’veborn here butseeing the images not only in Haiti butgoing to other countries you know I’vebeen to a lot of other countries andjust seeing how they live in how happythey are without a lot they don’t need alot of things like with all the stuffyou know people need here in the US theydon’t need any of that and they’re sohappy and they live such a peaceful lifeit’s pretty remarkable so to me thosemoments really ground me and they reallyyou know make me remember you know whatmy responsibility is but also like youknow how to live in a moment and how toreally make sure that I enjoy anexperience life as I as I as I’ve beenexperiencing it that’s amazing that’samazing I also have a personal curiosityI’ve been to summer training with thebig four and I’ve talked with with thetrainer’s and I asked him how how hislife as a consultant and from what Iheard from them I I told him to bereally honest and they said that it’spretty busy like they do get to travelwhich is really great but it’s alsoreally tiring sometimes and it’s reallyyou’re on the road all the time and youwork a lot how do you manage to work alot of time and still be able to feelgratitude to experience gratitude thanto enjoy the journey yeah it’s a greatquestion I know for me I think it goesback to me doing the type of work that Ilove to do so I knew like I said Ialways wanted to go in consulting butfor me I was very specific about wantingto do an imp wanting to make an impact Icouldn’t I couldn’t just go intoconsulting just to say I’m a consultantI wanted to do I wanted to be in an areaand do work that I loved that’smeaningful to me and that’s why you knowI first I dabbled with ICT consultingbecause when I started my career thedot-com was like the big rage back thenthis is 27 years ago not even 15 plusyears ago but early to early 2000s butthat was the bridge breakfast so Ijumped on that bandwagon to say okay ifI have IT background you know I’ll beable to you know to do more with it andthen even though I was good at it Ididn’t I didn’t I didn’t have passionyou know I didn’t have passion about itand I said well how can I do it cuz thework is demanding consulting isextremely demanding and so it might likemy guiding principle is like if I’mgonna be here I better have funI better feel like I’m making me becauseit’s this is a big part of my life youknow and by nature I’ve always been aworkaholic that’s just always since Iwas a kid I’ve always been in that likeyou know I had I’ve already had I’vealways had like a very strong work ethicbut I said you know what I it has to beproductive I’m not just gonna work justto work or just to make like it has tobe so that’s why I do work in thestrategy side I’m people related so allthe programs that I do is related tohelping people’s careers it’s related tohelping organizations to create a newculture of diversity and inclusivenessyou know it’s related to helping leadersbecome better you know in an exec so soall the things I do I feel like everyday I walk away and I do make me getimpact I may make an impact on a team Imake an impact on an individual or abusiness unit for client and that for meeven if it’s a lot of the work it’sgratifying it’s very gratifying and I’mlike I said it’s not just the work hardwork it’s it’s meaningful work so to meif if it’s not meaningful it’s not fun Idon’t think I’d be doing it I’m kind ofin that stage in my life that I you knowI’m not just you just I’m not doing itfor superficial reason you know like I’mgonna I’m doing it because I really lovewhat I dototally I love it I love it I have thesame principles and I also have anotherprinciple that I’m fortunate enough tobe able to afford let’s say that I thatI choose the people that I’m workingwith and I work with people that I Ifeel that have the same value as I haveand that I appreciate for their work andthey say this makes for a much morebeautiful life and much much morebeautiful work experience but I’m reallycurious also are you in your work likewith teams with culture are youintegrating gratitude in that in any wayyes another great questionso I actually do with my team so wealways start off like even with mymeetings to start off with anaffirmation or start off in terms oflike well you know someone share likesomething that they’ve done that theywere happy that they’re doing orsomething that you know with the weekendcoming up what do you think feel thatfor that you’re you’re you’re going todo this weekend so I try to weed that invery subtle I don’t make a big deal alot of it per se um but that’s kind ofways I do it like I said I’m a bigaffirmations perso anyone who knows me Ialways have a quote and and I get thisfrom my mother my mother she always hadquote for everything and it’s the sameway and so a lot of my quotes you knoware about motivation and inspiration andand and really you know bringing kind ofthat element to it so absolutely likelike I said I it’s such a gratitude issuch a way of being I don’t even thinkabout it like you know I don’t thinkabout it as like oh great oh I’m doinggranted like it’s just part of my lifeand it’s always been part of my life sothat’s amazing that’s amazing so youmentioned that you’re a big quote personwhat is your favorite quote on gratitudeso trying to think what’s my favoritequote on gratitude they’re too manyright yeah I mean there’s just there areso many I’m trying to think it’s justI’m trying to think like what’s mylatest one hmm I’m like I can’t thinkI’m like drawing a blank right now onlike what is a current quote I’ll haveto come back to you on that one I haveto think about it I’m running through myquotes in my head and I’m like I can’tthink of one specific at thisno problem no problem I’m sure that onewill come but I’m sure that like any ofus you have your bad days as well andyou have times when it’s hard to begrateful when things don’t seem to begoing on the right track what do you doto get back on track to get back onbeing grateful so because I always havea lot of projects cooking so in additionto me I have a like I said a demandingjob but I always have like differentprojects that I’m like like doing and soone of the ways that I channeldisappointment or I channel anger orfrustration I pick up whatever projectI’m doing and I put that energy insteadof like being mad or being upset ordisappointed I put all of that energyinto something that I’m working on andso so redirecting my energy into aproductive piece has been reallylife-changing I started to do that Iactually picked that up from you knowGary be you know 20 Robin’s right yeahokay so I’m a student of both these menbecause again Tony is again he’s anotherperson that like lives with gratitudeand he he his part of his his philosophyof life and so I remember I went to oneof his events and he mentioned you knowsometimes you just have to take theenergy and and remember you have thepower in a split second to change it youknow you have you have the power tochange your state you know change yourstate of mind state of being and Iremember when I learned that thattechnique has worked miracles becausenow I don’t that doesn’t mean I don’tget upsetI still get upset I still things happenbecause I’m human you know things willhappen and sometimes you’re just nothappy with what’s going on but I’ve saidyou know what within if I’m upset formore than like 30 minutes more than anhour I say okay I got to change my statewhat do I need to do and I figure outlike in an instantI’m gonna do this so that maybe you knowme working on a project that maybe youknow me like going for a walker orwhatever it is to change so I don’t stayinbecause I think staying in that spacecan be a little dangerous because whathappens is that when people are upsetwhat happens they get more upset andthen they get more upset and then itjust keeps snowballing right and so Ithink I think it’s important to likerecognize when it’s happening but havemechanisms have ways you know for melike you know um you know with Tony hetaught me you know how to trigger justchange my state in an instant because wehave that power no matter what someone’smay have done to us or whatever we havethe power to change like like where weare we have the power to change you knowwe may not you know people can do andsay whatever but we have the power ofourselves so might as well takeadvantage of that and and that’s beenvery healthy and ER like I said for me Itotally agree on that he he saidsomething about posture physiology Ithink there are three things that thatwe can do to change our stateimmediately if we if we have ourshoulders down and we might look downour head is looking down all we need todo in this moment and while you’relistening if you feel that yourshoulders are down hour or somethinglike this just take them back raiseraise your head out or actually look atthe sky or do something like this andfun the funny thing is that it actuallyworks and it actually changes your statebecause if I if I tell you to imagine aperson that said you will most probablythink of someone that’s that has theshoulders down and that is looking downas well but when you when you thinkabout someone who is confident you yousee them in the posture that I justmentioned so that can be really helpfulfor for our listeners you can do rightnow when when you’re listening good sodo you feel that you’ve been gratefulall of your life like do you feel thatyouone moment when you actually gotgratitude that you actually got to liveit more mm-hmm I would say you know inthe beginning I was working so hard youknow I was putting myself to scrubsworking full-time in college full timeyou know I was I was just I was just sofocused on I’m like trying to getthrough school I wasn’t thinking aboutgratitude I I must admit I wasn’tthinking about that I think when icewhen I started when gratitude started tobecome a daily part of my life because Ilike in before I remember I would justdo things because I was in such a rushyou know you’re young I don’t know whereyou’re running too but you’re in such arush to do things so I remember okay Iwas like I finished the school okaycheck I finished just okay check and andI was living my life like that and Ithink the moment that gratitude I hadrealized how big like what Iaccomplished because even graduatingcollege I didn’t think of it as a bigthing because I was like okay I’ve donethat that means now I got to go get mymaster’s degree I mean now I gotta goget a job I mean you know I mean like soto me was just checked in and then whenI turned um when I was out 22 years Iwas about the age of 22 at the time bythat time my I had just graduated I hadgraduated undergrad a year before and Itold you I was starting my Korean ITconsulting my the firm I worked for theyrelocated me to Atlanta Georgia which isanother at the southwestern the Souththe southern part of the US and I likeprobably you know once I got there thatwas what 2001 and then so once I gotthere um about like eight months later Ibought my first house Wowand in in so it was funny I didn’t Ididn’t go down to air to buy a house Ijust was traveling so much and I was inan apartment that I was never in and anddown there the prices are reasonablemore reasonable than real estate like inand where I am in Bostonand I just I just kind of did the mathand I said well if I’m traveling so muchI might as well buy something instead oflike wasting my money in rent you knowyeah because if I can afford ityou know I had enough of the salary thatI can afford it and again it was justChuck okay well let me look for a houseand let me do this and I think when Iwas moving the day that I closed on thehouse I just graduated from college Ijust bought like my new car I had a jobthat I was traveling and I remember theday when I was driving to my housesomething hit me something saidChristine do you believe in what youjust did like do you take a moment likeI took a moment to sink it in and I gotso emotionalcuz I was like oh my gosh like I didthat it’s like I’m so thankful that I’vecome this far in such a short amount oftime you know moving from finishingcollege to like you know less than ayear later you know like I remember whenI told people I bought a faucet likewhat you know was like unheard of at myage to buy a house given my backgroundyou know so when that happened that’swhen I said this is amazing this isamazing and I’m gonna conceal and andthen and then that’s when I started toincorporate like a lot of the gratestbecause I realized like I I just I justfelt like I’m incredibly blessed and I Idon’t think I’ve ever felt gratitude tothat degree and till that mole it wasn’teven at the closing it was like when Iwas moving you know and it was and eversince then like it’s just been part ofand I feel like that’s actuallyaccelerated my progress is acceleratedmy accomplishmentsever since then oh that’s amazing that’samazing and yeah it points to somethingreally interesting that we in spite ofwhat’s going on on the outside the factthat we have the experience of gratitudeon the inside that makes the differenceand that gets us to appreciate the theexperiences that we have so much moreand it’s such a big differencekind of said that I want one thing I wasgonna add to this story but also youjust made me remember cuz I forgot whythat was such an important moment yes itwas a big it was big to be buying ahouse that young but one of the biggerreasons was because when I told Iremember when I was first moving toAtlanta and I told some of the peoplethat I knew at the time I went to highschool with date you know they told methey told me oh you’ll be back you’renever gonna be you’re not gonna besuccessful you know you know that sothat was that was you know these arelike friends you know they just theywere like not happy for methat I was moving so the fact that theyyou know they’re like oh you’ll be backoh you’re not gonna you know consultingis hard like I don’t know you knowwe–you don’t do that type of like youknow you’re a woman you’re a black womanyou know like it was just like I’m justyou know to them I’m so like you’reliving a dream well I give it upyou’re not gonna succeed and then to seethese things continue to happen despitewhat people said I think after a while Ishut everybody up but in the beginningyou know you know again because of mybackground people didn’t think I had itin me to accomplish what I did you knowand they didn’t you know I don’t I don’tthink they you know I don’t know youknow they doubted my abilities but theyjust they didn’t think I had it in meso yeah usually when people say that youcan’t do something it means that theycan’t do something and it’s much easierfor them to say oh you can’t do thatyou’re you’re like me of how could youdo this it’s there is this story thatthe business coach here from Romaniasaid he he had a talk with his fatherand he told his father than that withina year or so he will earn in in a dayhow much he’s earning in a month orsomething like this and his father saidsomething like really boy you’re I madeyou how can you do that and peoplewanting to be helpful or one- for us not to not to be hurt or forthem to not be hurtfortunately and they tell us things likethese and it’s actually theirlimitations and the fact that you wenton and you were able to actually makemake things happen is is amazing andcongrats for that but you mentioned partof your life when you when you wereyounger and you were going from onething to another if you could go back intime what would you tell that youngerself about gratitude so that I gotyounger stuff I I would say that youknow sometimes you have to slow down youknow you have to slow down and you haveto not just you know doing things tocheck a box but thinking about theimpact of it and taking a moment toreflect on like what this means you knowI didn’t do that you know like I said II was just I don’t know I was like sothis is one thing about me I didn’t I Isometimes get obsessed alright that’sthe best word I can use but when I’mlaser focused and I want something I’mlike this you know and and I work and Iwill work my heart out you know I’mgonna like stay up on me and do all thisstuff English and that’s why maybe I wasI was by design made for consultingright but I I’ve always I’ve always hada very like I said a strong work ethicbut I think I didn’t take time toappreciate that you know theaccomplishments that I did as much as Ishould have and I would tell my youngerself to just kind of slow down take timeto get to know and and buildrelationships with people I know for melike I said I was so focused on checkingboxes and stuff there are there werepeople that were probably in hindsighttrying to help meor try to be my mentor you know andespeciallyCollege that I may have not seen becauseI was just so focused on my goals youknow and maybe they they could havehelped me you know when I told you I gotto work and I didn’t have mentors maybethey could have helped me find them youknow if I had build relationships withthem you know they could have said heyokay I know somebody in this space andyou know and so in hindsight I feel likeI would have told myself to really kindof slow down and get to know people andto take time and and just have funI was I was very serious very focus youknow very like this I think you didn’tdo that but you can incorporateeverything else as well you know makemore balance yeah yeah I’ve been thereand I can totally relatebut right now or until you got to bethis grateful did you do some kind ofpractice consistently to help you tostay in this state of gratitudeum I mean like I said I’m like I said Iwake up and I have my you know microlike a miracle happened today I thinkit’s just I think it’s just honestly onthe plane I reflect so I travel a lotbecause of the type of work that I do soI always take a moment to just pause Ithink just pausing and and reallythinking about what’s happened whathasn’t happened where are you gettinglike the post check of where you areeven that is important because sometimesyou think about things differently Iknow I decided to do that like when I goto the gym I would think about stuff andyou know I feel like being thankful itgoes back to that Tony Robbins thingwhen you’re thankful you you’re you’rein a different state of mind at timesand when you focus on how thankful youare things I think I think sometimesanswers to problems show up I think youkind of open up a world of differentthought and different possibility andjust being thankful now I guess becauseI’mused to that kind of the gratitude pieceI can get into the space of likemeditation and gratitude really quick soI have like there’s this song that Ihave like that’s on YouTube that Idownloaded that I use it’s like a it’slike a meditation like the own like aown song so whenever I need to get intothat space like I purposefully need toget there even if it’s for two minutesit’s for one minute that helps me thathelps me to be Center a lot soso be some besides that like I saidsaying that you know that meant themiracle will happen I’m really big aboutvisualization as welland so I have vision boards all over theplace I always have vision boards andit’s nice to see when vision boardspictures come true because they have andI didn’t even know that’s what they werecalled before I used to do that as a kidyeah yeah so it’s funny I told you Icompliment days like I remember I had apicture of BMW when I was a kid andagain I when I was a kid I didn’t haveany of that and I said you know what Iwant that car and I put it and I lookedat it every day I didn’t know it wascalled vision board you know but that’swhat I called it and then you know ayear later after I bought my house yearlater I bought my dream car that samecar I bought it um so you know when youwhen those things happen you have to youhave to be thankful you have to likethere’s just there’s no other I don’tknow this an immigrant from mybackground you I have to like it’s theonly way to live and I feel like theenergy that I give off and the passionthat I have it comes from Raddatzbecause people always say Christy you’reso passionate it’s such a passionateperson um and I think it’s honestlybecause it’s like I I have to be like Ihave to be because I just have so muchgratitude in my life wonderful wonderfulwhat I wanted to point out for ourlisteners is the happy that you havewith with the miracle affirmation and Ithink that what you’re doing great withwith that part is the fact that youreally believe itand you don’t you don’t expect for forbig things to happen all the time butyou have by having the gratitude you cansee the miracles in the little thingsand I think it’s a really great way ofliving life and of doing gratitudebecause when we think about miracles wethink about usually things that arethere see that seem impossible butsometimes when we are sadit might seem impossible for us to smileor to be happy and that can be a miracleit’s a simple one but it can be amiracle and I love the fact that youmentioned this part and I think that itcan be very useful for our listeners andI wanted to bring that out and to to getit more clear for for our listeners doto actually implement in their life butgetting back to what you said aboutrelationships about the fact that theyare so important in our life do you havesome people in your life that you wouldlike to mention that you are reallygrateful for that helped you along theway or that just made an impact myfamily my my mom you know makes she restin peace like like the you know I’veseen the sacrifices that my family hasdone for me very happy thankful I havean amazing husband so I got married twoyears ago animations I just I’m just I’mjust very very happy with my marriage Ihave actually my I have a stepson I havea 13 year old stepson and he actuallykeeps me younghe kind of he kind of keeps me hip tocertain things and he’s such a caringyoung man and I’m very smart and so I’mvery thankful for him thankful my my mymy I guess I might my family but mysiblings my sister she’s my biggestcheerleader I have some friends I mean Ijust have some friends like some peoplein ups andI think I’ve done that purposefully Ithink when you live with gratitude youknow at the state that I do I rememberwhen I started to really live itremember I told you about the the housething yeah when I started to really livegratitude I noticed that certain peoplestarted to just disappear out of my lifeand I didn’t know why and then you knowI used to get upset like oh they don’twant to speak and I said you know what Irealize I’m on a different journey mylife is I’m on a different path and thatmeans that not everyone is going to comewith you on that path and so that’ssomething I would tell the listenersdon’t be afraid you know if you start tocreate a life of gratitude not everyoneis in the nest face and that’s okayyou know like you want my definitelybecause you because you can attract thepeople that that fit that life ofgravity you’re gonna attract them inyour life you’re gonna attract certainexperiences you’re gonna attract certainresources certain things and so don’t beafraid to let go of the past you know ifI think about the people that weredoubting me when I said that I want Iwas gonna move and I was gonna I had allthese big dreams and they doubted me andthey laughed I would have still beenthere you know I wouldn’t have been ableto accomplish what I did so sometimes Ithink people are scared to get out of acomfort zone but they stay they aresurrounded by people that are verynegative so you know something toconsider is when you live with gratitudethe universe does the work you don’thave to where people will just stopshowing up in your life that don’t needto be thereso and let let it be let it be you knowthat’s the biggest thinglet accept it for what it is this iswonderful advice and I love that you youpointed that out and I think this isthis is really brilliant that somepeople might go I’ll go might not beanymore in your life and other peoplehopefully more positive more grateful asyou are might appear and things might myshift really fast and yeah this is oneof the reasons why I am I’m working onputting together a gratitude group forfor my listeners to to have those kindkind of people that are grateful thatare positive that sustained is thisfeeling and have the same values and Ithink that’s that’s really powerful andI’m really glad that you mentioned it sowe are nearing the end of our timetogetherwhere can our audience finally where canour audience your work yeah well theycan definitely find me on on LinkedIn orTwitter you can go to Christie Lindorand just feel free to reach out reachout about anything like I said I’m a I’mbig on mentoring in my life if I’vereinvented my brand you know I’ve alwaysbeen a consultant but I’ve always I’veredirected my brands like I said I’mabout to publish my book I’m right inthe middle of that so you know talkabout the a guitar well family you knowbeing the eldest being first generationI mean I could talk to anybody aboutanything so you know feel free to reachout again it’s Christie Lindor you canif you go to my blog Christie lynda.comif you want more information about mypodcast or in my book you can go to mesee and that’s Emmie see e musemu SE perfect thank you so much forbeing here with us and sharing yourstory it was wonderful thank you so muchthank you[Music]you

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